Model HBR-457

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Model HBR-457

Description: Hand cutting torch

  • Features:
    • The Brastak torches by Harris are produced according to the EN ISO 5172 standard, being designed to offer the best possible performance and efficiency for each type of fuel gas
    • Universal mixer of equal pressures in the head, which gives versatility to this torch, being that if you change gases, only the tips need to be changed
    • 1503 tips for LPG and Natural Gas and 1502 for Acetylene
    • Cutting jet lever of stainless steel providing more durability
    • Stainless steel needle tip valves that are highly resistant and durable
    • Tubes in triangular position for added strength
    • With a wide cutting range, it is appropriate for using in assembling metal structures, building and repairing ships, boilers, and metallurgical industries in general
    Part NumberModel NumberTorch LengthTorch Head AngleWeight
    HBR-457HBR-457457 mm90°1.300 kg
  • Part NumberFuel Gas
    Oxy-natural Gas/Methane