Model CC-HBR201

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Model CC-HBR201

Description: Cutting Attachment for Acetylene and Propane

  • Features:
    • Torch designed for medium/heavy maintenance work, repair and production of welded sets
    • Able to weld up to a thicknesses of 20 mm using HBR-201A (Acetylene) and HBR-20 (LPG/NG) nozzles
    • Cuts up to 200 mm using the CC-HBR201 Cutting Head and the 1503 (LPG/NG) and 1502 (Acetylene) nozzles
    • Welding nozzles of copper with mixer assembled
    • Stainless steel ball valves for quick and precise adjustment of the flame that are very durable and strong
    • Head and tail made of forged brass for greater strength
    • Handle of highly resistant extruded brass
    • No screws or welded parts for easy maintenance
    Part NumberModel NumberWeight
    CC-HBR201CC-HBR2010.700 kg
  • Part NumberFuel Gas