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Model 351
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Model 351

Description: Flowmeter Regulator

The Flowmeter Regulator 351 Brastak by Harris is the "state of the art" in saving gas since it regulates the gas flow with precise adjustment of pressure for each flow rate selected. 

The conventional models of flowmeter regulators stabilize at a single pressure with a variable output hole
that controls the gas flow. With this, when the solenoid valve closes in the welding equipment
the pressure between the regulator and valve rises until it equalizes with the calibration pressure of the regulator, which is usually 3.5 bar. When the welding job starts up again, all of this gas accumulated at this pressure (high) is instantly purged, generating large losses of gas and money, besides the risk of inclusion of gas in the weld pool.

The Flowmeter Regulator 351 Brastak by Harris is calibrated with 0 (zero) bar pressure and therefore does not produce the effect described above. 

Harris equipment generate savings and create value for its customers.

Flow Control
  • Features:

    OBS.: Flowmeter regulators without a heating system for the CO2 gas should be used intermittently, or in other words only for tack welding or small welding beads (maximum 30 mm). Beyond this a special regulator with a heating system to avoid freezing should be used. Talk to our technicians through the Customer Service for more information.

    Part NumberModel NumberCapacityStageGas
    351-AR351Medium DutySingleArgon
    Mixed Gas
    351-CO2351Medium DutySingleCarbon Dioxide
  • Part NumberMax Inlet PressureDelivery Pressure RangeDelivery Pressure GaugeSupply Pressure Gauge
    351-AR230 bar0 - 30 Lpm0 - 30 Lpm0 - 280 bar
    351-CO2230 bar0 - 30 Lpm0 - 30 Lpm0 - 280 bar