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Flashback Arrestors

Description: Flashback arrestors for regulators

  • Features:
    • Made out of brass, they have a unidirectional internal system that prevents the withdrawal of gas
    • Equipped with a stainless steel sintered element, they extinguish the flame in case of flashbacks
    • All valves are UL certified - quality assurance
    Part NumberModel Number
    885-FBR-LFlashback Arrestors
    885-FBR-RFlashback Arrestors
  • Part NumberGasConnection ThreadsFuel GasMax FlowMax Pressure O2Max Pressure ACMax Pressure LPGMax Pressure H2
    885-FBR-LFuel Gases
    9/16”–18–UNF-2B-LHFuel Gas
    30.000 l/h1.5 bar5 bar10 bar
    100.000 l/h20 bar